Mediaeval music is an unknown virgin territory in Greece. Oriented towards the Romantic and Late Romantic Music, with the exception of Mozart, the Greek audience is totally unaware of this period of music.
Rarely, if ever one has the opportunity to assist in concerts of Mediaeval and Renaissance Music, therefore the proposed concert with Music from the Court of King Alfonso the Wise of Spain at the Niarchos Foundation Center on the 2nd of February was a welcome surprise.
The work done by the AlternativeScene of G.N.O ( under the inspired direction of A.Efklidis), is well known to music lovers. An added bonus, was the free entrance of the audience which packed the theatre proving once and for all that there is a substantial audience interested in the genre.
The dark and sensual voice of the Greek Contralto Marita Paparizou ( an exponent of Baroque Music , with a repertoire ranging from Mediaeval music to the works of Rossini , a composer she specializes on), was the perfect carrier of these wonderful compositions, ranging from religious to secular music, her voice adapted itself perfectly to the demands of every piece. Her voice supple, forceful and austere , tackled each piece with an innate musicality and taste.
The musicians accompanying the soloist were truly exceptional. One has to mention Alexandros Kalkos who played the vihuela with great technique and feeling for the music, the flutist Antigoni Tsallas , an accomplished musician, the Violone of Dimitris Tigas and the truly impressive playing of Vaggelis Sagris on the timpani. I never thought that these kind of instruments could produce such diverse sounds ranging from ppp to fortissimo.
What lifted up the whole concert was the video projection of “moving” paintings of the video artist Haralambos Sevotzlidis. His work was exemplary and created the necessary atmosphere, making the experience a very enjoyable one.
The concert was under the directorial care of Tania Kitsou, whose involvent was of paramount importance for the visual aspect of the show.
The final applause was overwhelming , and deservedly so, since this was a concert presented by Musicians who acted as a whole. No Divas here, just the true essence of music making at the highest level.