Marina Krilovic the famous greek dramatic soprano, gave for her friends on occasion of her birthday, a very interesting concert with French ,Spanish songs and Italian arias, at the ATHENEUM CULTURAL CENTRE in Athens. (13/6/2012)

Everybody was present, her students, many people from the Greek musical scene, as well as the director of the Greek national opera, myron Mihailidis, who announced in a friendly gathering that the G.N.O takes from now on under it’s wing the International Competition for singers and conductors “Maria Callas’which up to now, and for more than 30 years was organized by the ATENEUM with the dedication and personal work of it’s founders the maestro Louli Psihouli, and Mrs .Nina Koukouraki. Finally the competition finds it’s roof at the “home”of Callas, The Greek national opera.

It was a very emotional evening full of songs and goodwill, as all her friends were there to applaud her. The voice is in an excellent form, full bodied, with top notes untouched.

It was a great evening in honour of a very important artist, who for so many years worked incessantly performing a multitude of roles at the Greek Opera House.

We wish her all the best, and soon back onstage.