Apart from being the Director of the Mantzaros Conservatoire as well as a teacher, Julie Ventoura is an accomplished cembalist and a great exponent of modern works composed for this instrument. For her concert at the German Church in Athens she opted for one of the cornerstones of the cembalist’s entire repertoire, Bach’s “Goldberg Variations”. To perform a work of such length in one single go is a feat in itself. J.Ventoura tackled this project with great panache and energy right from the start. The playing was characterized by an inner musicality and feeling for the work although at various moments one felt that she was overawed by the immensity of the music. However she sailed through the variations with a sense of security, which was due to the fact that she worked on this work for more than a year. I wish that she would sometimes let herself go, and flow more with the music, rather than being too strict rhythmically -wise, but this is a matter of taste. I am certain that many more performances will polish her playing and will expose more clearly her great abilities. It was an enjoyable evening a real “tour de force” rarely attempted by Greek cembalists (if at all), and she should be heartily congratulated for this interesting attempt to perform one of the most demanding works of this instrument’s repertoire.