V. Fedoseyev is a familiar acquaintance with the Greek public of the Athens Concert Hall, where he appeared with the Athens State Orchestra in a Russian program consisting of music by Mussorgsky , Eshpai and Shostakovich.

The evening began with a fiery rendition of Mussorgsky’s famous orchestral showpiece “Night on the Bare Mountain”, where the orchestra had the opportunity to exhibit it’s full potentiality. Fedosseyev drew from the players a multitude of orchestral colours, ranging form fortissimo to pianissimo.

The second piece of the evening was a Concerto for Saxophone and Orchestra by the inventive composer Andrei Eshpai a rather curious but highly entertaining piece with undertones of Jazz music and a strong influence of  Shostakovich.

The sax part was performed by the famous saxophonist (the only one in Greece who is a classical Saxophone player) Theodore Kerkezos, who for 26 minutes played non stop the demanding score, bringing to the surface all the underlying colours , turning from elegiac music to jazz, a real fit.

The Jazz part which is in the middle of the piece , is supported by percussions played in a most efficient, and rhythmical accuracy by Garyfalia Kerkezou  who happens to be, as I learned later, the daughter of Mr Kerkezos. Her contribution was paramount in this difficult and rhythmically demanding passage, as the drums and percussions gave the jazz rhythm followed by the Orchestra.


 The evening was rounded up by a superb performance of the famous Shostakovich 10th Symphony which deployed the entire orchestra, in a fiery and dramatic rendition of Russia’s great composer.