The yearly established concert of the modern group “Ensemble Modern” which appears also yearly at the Paxos Island Festival, took place at the Athens Concert Hall with great success on the 14/3/10 at the small Mitropoulos  Hall.
 The program presented was of special interest, and was compiled by works of Halfter, Hidalgo, Lopez, Verdoux, and Soler. The “Ergon Ensemble” that performed the pieces, consists of musicians from the “Ensemble Modern” and was conducted by Roh. The highlights of the evening were two works, one by A.Soler titled “Unstable surface” composed in 2004 and the quintet by M.Hidalgo composed in 1990.
  Although it was a rather difficult and demanding program for the classically trained ears of the Greek audience, the exemplary execution of the pieces by accomplished musicians, managed to win the day and captivate the audience’s attention, which in turned responded warmly.
  Although Modern music isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, these concerts bring the audience in contact with the music of today and introduce new ideas which at least any music lover should consider.

It is hoped therefore that these concerts by the “Ergon Ensemble” will become a living tradition in our limited musical universe.