Enrico Padovani is a young Italian pianist born in Parma. He studied at the Conservatorio “Luigi Cherubini” in Florence and was awarded the Postgraduate Diploma’s Degree in piano at the Conservatorio “Arrigo Boito” in Parma 110/110 cum laude.
His interests include a passion for humanities leading to a philosophy Degree from the university of Parma. He has won many Competitions, and has performed in a number of Music festivals.
With the firm ZDB CLASSIC he recorded an exceptional record of piano works by F.Chopin.
Chopin is definitely the cornerstone of every pianist who seeks to make his mark in the Music Industry, perhaps the most performed composer in the piano repertory. Enrico Padovani’s cd brings a new breath of air into an already much performed repertoire.
He opted for one of Chopin’s masterpieces, the Sonata no 3 in B Minor Opus 58, as well as four other smaller companion pieces four Mazurkas ( 10-14), a polonaise (no4) , a Scherzo (no2), and a Waltz (no19), an interesting collection that gives us a wide spectrum of the composer’s work.
His rendition of the 3rd Sonata is quite exceptional. He opts for a relaxed unhurried performance allowing the music to breathe and expand underlying its lyricism without becoming over sentimental, a risk inherent in much of Chopin’s music. His playing is well controlled, “classical” revealing an exceptional technique and intelligence. He not only understands Chopin’s music in depth but with his meticulous attention to details he gives justice to the music.
I especially enjoyed the Polonaise, one of my favorite pieces in the cd, its melancholy and also tragic mood is highlighted by an exceptional performance.
I thoroughly enjoyed Enrico Padovani’s cd , and i sincerely hope that he will go on to make a lot more , for he is a gifted and cultured artist who merits a great career.