Born 10/12/1955
1973 Graduated from Anavrita High School
178 Studied Philosophy Sociology and Social Anthropology at the university of Kent at Canterbury where he received his BA.Hons, and M.A in Philosophy, with the Onassis Foundation Scholarship
1984-1985 Completed his Military Service
1987 Worked on the greek Radio, 3rd Program as well as the Athens Municipal Radio 9,84
1993 He became Musical Advisor to the Minister of Tourism for the Athens Festival, as well as being a member of the Festival’s Comitee.
1996 Worked at the Greek National Opera as  being responsible for the Programs and Posters as well as editions.
The Greek national opera edited his book on Rossini’s complete works.
2001-2011 Worked at the VRADYNI newspaper as Music Critic. He is a Member of the Greek Association of Theater and Music Critics